Wine or Gift Card Survivor Template


Contribute a bottle of wine (or any other item, such as a gift card) and compete against your colleagues to win them all! Either collect pledge forms in advance or ask your Campaign Associate to send you a list of E-Pledge donors to assemble the participants. This game can be done easily either virtually or in-person, and is easy to plan and participate in:


  1. Each participant needs to bring in a bottle of wine or other item (for gift cards set a minimum value) and complete a pledge form for United Way. Collect all the names of the participants and save them in a document.


  1. Insert all the names into a random name picker (there are many free options available online, such as: ).


  1. Through the course of the campaign use the random name picker to determine who has been eliminated. Keep using the random name picker until you have 1 person left. They will be the ultimate winner of Wine Survivor, and win all the bottles!


!Fun Tip! To increase the theatrics of the event, feel free to video chat with your colleagues and share your screen of the random name picker.


TIP: You can also make this more of a fundraiser by introducing buy backs over the course of a few days to allow people to re-enter the draw and increase the money raised)


Best Practice: In your daily announcement, include a short, United Way video or share an interesting initiative in your community that is possible with your contribution to United Way.