Why Give to United Way – Templates



More than ever before, British Columbia communities need help addressing critical social issues. Those who were already struggling before the pandemic continue to be the hardest hit by this crisis – they face not only unforeseen job losses but also food insecurity, social isolation, and increasing mental health issues. While some of us are slowly returning to our pre-pandemic routines, that is not an acceptable option for many of our neighbours. But these issues are not unsolvable, and together we can help our communities thrive amidst these unprecedented times. United Way aims to create healthy, caring, and inclusive communities through a number of initiatives that strengthen community bonds. Not all pandemic stories are the same, and though many of us have struggled, there are many who are still struggling and who still need your help. When you give, your donation is directly supporting members of your community in leading better lives and strengthening vital connections. So please, consider donating, for the betterment of our community.


More than ever before, communities throughout British Columbia need help addressing social issues such as food insecurity, social isolation, homelessness, and mental health. These issues have existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to exist after – United Way is committed to providing solutions by empowering those among us who need a helping hand. With your donation, we can continue to create healthy, resilient, and vibrant communities while spreading even more local love during this critical time.


Your contribution to United Way ensures that the people in your local community can access the resources they need to not only survive but thrive in this critical and unprecedented time.