Thank You from the UBC United Way Executive Committee


In the past year we’ve all experienced an unprecedented amount of change to our lives, routines and traditions. Despite these challenges and obstacles our community came through to support United Way, and this year did it in a big way.

When we set the goal of 1,000 donors for the 2020 UBC United Way Campaign, we knew that in order to have the biggest impact we would need to have considerable involvement from our UBC community.

As the year drew to a close on December 31st, we achieved our goal!  Not only that, our UBC Community keeps on giving and to date over 1,025 donors have contributed. This year when so many needed the support of Local Love Food Hubs or United Way Community Builders to combat hunger and social isolation, our UBC community stepped up and raised over $600,000.

Our strength is in numbers. With hundreds of donors, volunteers and supporters we have shown that we love our community.

Thanks to you we have been able to spread local love to those who need it. It has been a challenging year for so many and thanks to our campaign we have made a life changing impact.


Thank you!

Matt Dolf                                                                   Jen Sheel
Chair, 2020 UBC United Way Campaign                   Vice-Chair, 2020 UBC United Way Campaign
Director, UBC Wellbeing                                            Director, Municipal Services, Building Operations