Photo Contest FAQ – 2021


Who is eligible?

All UBC community members who have contributed to the 2021 UBC United Way campaign, whether through a payroll donation or one-time contribution.

When do the contests start and end?

The contests will open on November 1 and close on November 19.

Can I submit a video or animated GIF?

We please ask that there be no videos or animated GIFs. Acceptable formats include JPEG, PNG, and PDF.

Can I be included in the image?

Due to privacy regulations, we please ask that the photos do not contain people in them.

What types animals are eligible in this pet contest?

We welcome all pets! All animals – big or small, furry or hairless – are eligible.

How many animals can I feature?

There is no limit to the number of pets you can include, as long as they are in one photo.

How many photos can I enter?

You may submit one photo.

How is voting done?

Voting will be done through an online survey. The link to vote will be distributed to all participants, and it will be open to all members of the UBC community. We encourage you to share the voting link with your colleagues. Voting will open on November 22.

Do I need to make a donation to vote?

A donation is not required to vote. If you would like to make a donation, please visit

What is preventing people from voting more than once?

We encourage you to ask your coworkers to vote for your photo. Attempts will be made to limit voting multiple times, such as requiring voters to submit a UBC email address.

What are the prizes?


Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please direct your inquiries to or Fred Woo (