Work – Become a Campaign Associate

Become a Campaign Associate

Participate in a truly unique professional development opportunity while giving back to our community as a United Way Campaign Associate previously known as Loaned Representative. Learn valuable new skills during a fun, action-packed 16-week period in the fall and help United Way raise funds to support over 360 programs and initiatives across the Lower Mainland. Being a Campaign Associate can be life-changing but what won’t change is the terms of your employment – same pay, benefits, vacation and seniority accrual.

Hear It From Alyssa Mulat at the 2015 Turkey 2K Trot

Alyssa Mulat was UBC’s 2015 United Way Campaign Associate, hired through the Arts Coop Program.

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Hear It From Kevin Mo and His Manager

Kevin Mo was UBC’s 2014 United Way Campaign Associate, seconded from Campus Security. Hear from him and his supervisor, Ali Mojdehi, why the Campaign Associate  position is an opportunity UBC staff should take advantage of.

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