Free Coffee: Rules and Regulations

  1. How do I get the FREE Coffee Card?
    If you sign up to be a United Way donor by payroll contribution or a one time gift ($5 or more per pay or $120 or more one-time) during the month of October you will get FREE coffee during November.
  2. How do I get my FREE United Way Coffee card?
    If  you sign up for payroll deduction before October 31st, 2021 (or make a minimum 1 time donation of $120) you will receive a Free Coffee “Red Card” valid during the month of November 2021  for unlimited Free coffee 12 oz size coffee or tea. Your card wild be mailed to your address or you can pick it up at the UBC ceremonies office (arranged in advance)
  3. Is there a minimum donation?
    The minimum payroll contribution is $5 every pay so a total of $120/year.
  4. If I make a 1 time payroll deduction can I get the card?
    Yes, if you make a minimum $120 one time donation in October you will qualify for the FREE  Coffee offer.
  5. What kind of coffees do I get for FREE?
    You are entitled to a 12oz (Small) brewed coffee or tea.
  6. Can I get a hand crafted espresso beverage?
    No. The FREE coffee offer is only for brewed coffee.
  7. Where can I redeem my FREE coffee card at UBC?
    The following locations on campus are participating in the FREE coffee promotion: Mercante, Ikes, Sauder, Perugia, Ideas, Stir It Up, Law Café, Fooood, The Loop Cafe, Harvest, Feast, Gather, Open Kitchen, Triple O’s, Tim Hortons, Starbucks.
  8. Can I transfer my card to a friend or colleague?
    No. the FREE coffee card is not transferrable and has no cash value. The card will have you name on it.
  9. Can I get a refill?
    Yes. Unlimited FREE coffee during the month of November at participating locations. One free coffee per visit. 
  10. Can I have tea instead?
    Yes. This is a coffee campaign but TEA is ok.
  11. Why are we doing this?
    The FREE coffee promotion is an exclusive offer for UBC  staff, faculty and students who choose to donate to the UBC United Way campaign. The United Way is the only Board approved charitable partnership at UBC and supports families, children and seniors in the lower mainland area.