Faculty Cup

The competition for the first ever UBC United Way Faculty Cup is now underway. 

This year, the competition is on! For the first time, the UBC United Way Campaign has challenged faculties to step up to spread some Local Love and make a difference for our communities. The winner will be crowned champion of the Faculty Cup.

Until December 31st, faculties will earn points towards the Faculty Cup for participation in the United Way Campaign. To showcase friendly competition, points will be issued for number of donors, number of new donors and through hosting virtual engagement events. The faculty that receives the most points will be rewarded the Faculty Cup.

No sign-up required as all UBC Vancouver faculties are entered in the Faculty Cup. Results will be announced in January.


The Faculty Cup will be rewarded based on the following:

  • 1 point per % of total donors relative to total employees in each Faculty, e.g. 5% = 5 points
  • 1 bonus point to the Faculty who encourages the most new donors (on a percent basis)
  • 1 bonus point to each Faculty for hosting virtual engagement events


The winning faculty will receive:

  • Faculty Cup trophy for a year
  • Prize for winning Faculty (TBD)
  • Bragging rights