Draws – Raffles – 50/50

Draws: A draw is simply when all donor names are placed into a hat, and from that a single name is selected at random, who is the winner of the prize. No gaming license required.

Raffles: A raffle is done by asking coworkers to put up items that others can then bid on one-by-one once all items have been collected. A gaming license is required for this.

50/50: A 50/50 draw is a straightforward game that has all participants pool their donations, and on the final day of the pool a name is drawn at random. This person then wins half of the pool, with the other half being donated to the campaign. A gaming license is required for this.


Raffle Instructions:

  1. Set a deadline and collect pledges to determine the number of participants in the raffle. To encourage giving, create different levels of entries based on donation amount (i.e. give one entry for each dollar per pay period).


  1. Acquire a gaming license, which can be retrieved through the following link – ask your CA for assistance: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/sports-culture/gambling-fundraising/gambling-in-bc/online-service


  1. Reach out to your network to acquire items for the raffle (Please note – alcohol is not permitted in a raffle). Encourage the other participants to do the same.


  1. Compile a list of the raffle items and determine when you want to raffle the items off.


  1. Enter all the names into a random name picker online (be sure to enter the names multiple times for the participants with multiple entries). Most online name pickers allow the name to be removed after selected.


  1. Continue to use the name picker until all the items have been raffled off.


  1. Once all the prizes have been raffled off award the winners either via handoff or through contactless delivery.