Welcome from the 2020 UBC United Way Executive Committee

It goes without saying that 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for all of us – our lives have been impacted in ways we could have never predicted. The impact of COVID-19 has been especially challenging for individuals and families who are lonely and isolated and who suddenly find themselves underemployed, socially isolated, and hungry. As members of the UBC community, we can make a difference for our local communities by supporting the United Way.

Now more than ever – we need local love.

Our local United Way has responded to the needs of our local communities during this unprecedented time. With Community Builders on the look-out for those needing support in our neighbourhoods and Local Love Food Hubs responding to address food insecurity, United Way has stepped in when our communities need it the most. Every donation helps those in need, and we encourage everyone to become a donor for this important cause.

Together, we can make a difference for our own communities.

Because you love your community – it is time to step up during this pressing time. For many years UBC has been a top contributor to United Way. This year our goal is to inspire 1,000 people to become donors.

Find out how you can become a donor by making an online pledge by following this link. 

If you have any questions about the UBC United Way Campaign or the United Way, please feel free to contact either of us or our UBC United Way Campaign office. We will be happy to speak with you.

Thank you,

Matt Dolf                                                                   Jen Sheel
Chair, 2020 UBC United Way Campaign                   Vice-Chair, 2020 UBC United Way Campaign
Director, UBC Wellbeing                                            Director, Municipal Services, Building Operations

Inspiring 1,000 people to pledge.