2019 UBC United Way Campaign Heroes

Each year, we take a look at all the events that take place and the volunteerism involved. From this, we select UBC employees or students that stand out. We call them Campaign Heroes.

A Campaign Hero is someone that is recognized for their contributions and achievements. The Campaign Hero goes above and beyond the call of duty.

2019 UBC United Way Campaign Heroes

Eilis Courtney

Many of you may know Eilis Courtney for her long career in the Ceremonies Office. But what some of you may not be aware of is that in addition to shaping protocol and events at the University over 30 years, Eilis’ genuine passion and commitment to help create healthy and inclusive communities right here at home, really cemented the partnership between UBC and the United Way of the Lower Mainland. Little did she know that her experience as a Campaign Associate in 1991 would keep her committed to an annual workplace campaign that consistently raises over $550,000 each year and has engaged hundreds of volunteers.

Cassie Dominic & Team, Brock Hall

The Brock Hall United Way committee, led by Cassie Dominic, managed to engage the multiple departments housed in Brock Hall, making sure as many people were involved and as many departments were represented as possible. Their efforts increased the number of donors in the building from 26 to 63. They also hosted multiple events and had several impact speakers come in, further raising awareness and funds for United Way. 

Irene Korinetz, Financial Operations

Irene is new to UBC, having just been here for a few months. In a very short amount of time, she was able to put TEF 3’s annual bake sale together. Before that, the future of this event was in question. The bake sale was a massive success, raising more than last year’s. Through her efforts, Irene managed to bring together the entire building in support of United Way. The winning ticket for this year’s 50/50 was also sold under Irene’s watch, as the individual bought the winning ticket in-person thanks to Irene facilitating ticket sales at TEF 3. 

Nazlyn Pirani, Faculty of Forestry

Nazlyn Pirani works in the Faculty of Forestry Student Services team, and took charge of leading several new initiatives this year. Fueled by her passion for creating positive social change, she eagerly organized a Poinsettia Sale, Ice Skating Fundraiser, and countless Pizza Party Wednesdays to help raise valuable funds and awareness of the United Way of the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Her creativity and dedication several initiatives deserve! Nazlyn engaged a team of colleagues in these efforts, including Chiara Longhi, Rumiko Tachibana, Thao Atkinson, Janna Rumary-Kellett, Ana Curcin, Lydia Braam and Sanya Sivic.


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